Things to do


You can do this trip without a guide. It is a fairly easy hike and the path is market by signs so it`s easy to find. Two hours take the walk from Zion view and back. Direction 1.5 km along the passara road. The beginning of the path goes through beautiful lush green tea plantations full of tea picking ladies. It is not a challenging hike and it`s quite short, but gives you a good impression of the landscape around Ella and the view is fantastic! So absolutely worth the climb! If you don`t have that much time in Ella, I highly recommend taking the hike up to Little Adam`s Peak.


The Nine Arch bridge in Ella is a beautiful construction set in even more impressive surroundings and is well worth a visit if you are in Ella. Located same direction Little Adam’s peak most of our Guest doing together with little Adam’s peak area is fully green surrounding lot’s of Tea plantation. The best time to be there is when the train is passing. So check the train schedule before you go! Be safe when you standing on sides of the bridge when train goes across the bridge.


All our property you will see the direct view of Ella Rock. Trekkers would love the place. It’s bit tiring to do the hiking. But it is definitely worth it. The walk along the railway is a great way to see the local culture first hand, The highest peak in the area offers great panoramic views. It is the longest and most rigorous climb in Ella, so be prepared for a bit of a grind. Its take two hours to get to the top. If you are starting form Zion View, you would enjoy the rail walk, and soon as you started climbing up, you will be passing a little ravana fall the vegetable fields, forest and tea plantations.


A beautiful natural wonder associated with legend is the Rawana Ella (Ravana Falls) Located 6km from Zion View on the road to south coast Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary, .A cave (“cave of gold”) hidden behind the falls is believed to be one of several places where Rawana hid his lovely Indian Princess Sita after abducting her in the famous Hindu story. Quite and relaxing swim best time week days. place getting busy with local’s week ends and public holidays


This Two hours trip has been really popular among guests. You get to see how the world famous Ceylon tea is manufactured plus get the chance to buy it. The tea factory, just 6km from Ella, processes all the tea picked from the local hills. Most of it is exported abroad. Recommended to leave after breakfast if area is dry there is no enough tea leaves for production our receptionist always happy to arrange you perfect time to visit the factory if production available.

Lipten seat Haputale & Dambethanna Tea Factory

If you are staying in Ella for more than a day or two and visiting Haputale, make some time to visit the Lipton Seat. 36km from Ella Zion View Travel on a scenic train journey to Haputale through tea plantations. Then take a bus or tuk-tuk to Lipton’s Seat, around 15 km from Haputale, for some of the best views in Sri Lanka. You can see the south coast and tea plantations. This fantastic trip is highly recommended by our visitors. Zion View can also arrange a taxi or Tuck Tuck direct to Lipton’s Seat if you prefer. Recommend to do this tour as early as you can .It can be misty if you visit the area after the 9-10am.


This tour take around three-four hours .will bring you to two main buddhist temples located in Ella area. Mahameuna meditation center ,Temple located 7 km from Zion View all the way to the top has most beautiful panoramic views on top of the peak has 360 degrees view of scrounging hills , tea plantation & rice fields. On your way back will stop to visit Dove Temple.